Customer satisfaction survey results

At Pearson Rowe, we are committed to providing all of our clients with a professional, high quality service at a reasonable price.

To ensure we are delivering the best possible service, we recently carried out a satisfaction survey with our clients. While we were seeking to highlight any areas that could be improved, the team at Pearson Rowe was pleased with the positive feedback received.

At Pearson Rowe, we are always delighted when new clients start working with us following a positive referral from an existing client. Therefore, we were satisfied to learn that nearly two-thirds of the respondents (60 percent) had come to Pearson Rowe following a recommendation, with 56 percent having already referred someone else to us.

Clients were then asked to rate various aspects of Pearson Rowe’s service on a scale where one represented poor and five excellent.

Amongst the features examined were the courtesy with which calls were answered and the efficiency with which they were responded to, the efficiency with which work was dealt with, the commercial competence within the team and the rate of delivery of work. All of these scored more than four on the scale.

Another proud achievement was that 84 percent of respondents didn’t feel that the way in which the team at Pearson Rowe worked with them could be improved. For the other 16 percent, we will be taking their feedback on board to see how we can enhance the services provided and offer a better experience for all our clients.

Comments from clients described the “friendly, honest advice” provided by a team that is “there when we need them”. Clients also described how they were “confident that Pearson Rowe can handle anything put to them in a clear and secure way” and the “friendly, personal and longstanding” nature of their relationship with the firm, which was “built on trust with them fully understanding and appreciating our business needs”.

We will now be considering the results in more detail to ensure that any necessary measures can be put in place to continually increase our already high level of client satisfaction.

Finally, we would like to thank all the clients who participated in the survey for taking the time to provide such valuable feedback. We look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.

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