Leading equine law specialist guides the way on ‘pet-nups’

First there was the pre-nuptial and now there is the ‘pet-nuptial’, as riders seek to protect their beloved animals.

Last week animal charity Blue Cross, released research that revealed that one in four divorced UK couples argued over their pets when they split up.

And that almost two thirds said  arguing over treasured pets had added to the emotional turmoil of a divorce, while a further 66 per cent admitting that a so-called ‘pet-nup’ would have made the process easier.

The research was part of the charity’s latest campaign that is calling on couples to write a ‘pet-nup’, or an agreement, which sets out who is responsible for the animal and the visitation rights of the other individual, in order to reduce the emotional strain of a divorce or separation.

Following on from this announcement, Birmingham-based law firm, Pearson Rowe, are encouraging people to consider the interest of their horse should the worst happen, and formalise an agreement that sets out who gets the animal in the event of a divorce.

Brian Flint, the head of Pearson Rowe’s equine law team, said: “When you get married you never think the worse will happen, but it is best to be prepared, should that day come.

“Setting out an agreement for your horses before you get married maybe the best solution for you, your partner and your animals.”

By combing the expertise of both its equine law and family law departments, Pearson Rowe is able to give the best advice on preparing a pre-nuptial agreement that has the interest of the horse and rider at its heart.

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