Property Trespass and Nuisance

Property trespass and nuisance can both be sources of significant friction between neighbours.

While someone entering on to your land without prior permission is considered as trespass, an individual does not have to be on your grounds to cause a problem.

If a neighbouring property is being used in an anti-social manner that has a negative effect of your wellbeing – whether through excessive noise, leaks or overgrowing trees – then you can make a claim of private nuisance. However, if this could be considered normal usage of the property or occurs on an infrequent basis, then it is less likely to be classed as nuisance by the courts.

Public nuisance, on the other hand, affects the lives and rights of the community as a whole, whether through a blocked road or an all-night party.

Following an initial telephone discussion regarding the details of your dispute, we will provide you will all the available options. You can then decide how you would like to proceed.

Our dispute resolution specialists can work with you to negotiate a settlement that avoids the need for court proceedings, if appropriate. If it is not possible to reach a solution this way, then we can act on your behalf to pursue the claim through litigation.

For more information on how our Birmingham-based specialists can help with property trespass and nuisance disputes, please contact us.

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