Clinical Negligence

While most people receive first-class healthcare when they visit the doctor or are admitted to hospital, sometimes things can go wrong.

Despite the high standards of care and strict regulation in the UK, even in the best of hands, mistakes can be made.

For example a symptom may be overlooked, a course of treatment not followed correctly, or even a diagnosis may be missed.

In the worst case scenarios rare errors by healthcare professionals can cause serious injury to patient.

Clinical negligence can lead to serious long-term adverse effects for the patient, they could be unable to work due to their injuries, and they may require constant care from other people.

Long term medical effects from clinical negligence can also lead to financial difficulties. Compensation may be needed to ensure that your needs and those of your loved ones are met in the future.

At Pearson Rowe our clinical negligence experts in Birmingham have years of experience in representing people in claims against hospitals, doctors or other health professionals.

We will assess the details of your case to determine whether you have grounds to pursue a clinical negligence case against a medical professional. All evaluations are provided free of charge and each case is handled on a no win, no fee basis, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for your claim.

Once your claim has been settled, we will work with you to ensure you can move forward with your life, which includes putting you in touch with other professionals who can help you with the injuries sustained.

For more information on any of the high quality legal services provided by our clinical negligence solicitors in Birmingham, please contact us.

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