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Specialists in Safety Law

There are many areas which are governed by laws to help keep us safe at work and at home too; health and safety, food and fire safety being just some of these.

So when something goes wrong, you need a specialist lawyer with particular expertise in these areas to provide advice, guidance and representation where necessary, depending on whether you are a business owner affected by an incident at your premises, or an employee or customer involved somehow.

There are many scenarios where the skills and experience of a health and safety lawyer, a food safety lawyer or a fire safety lawyer may be needed, and at Pearson Rowe, we have the dedicated skills to help.

Our food safety solicitors can deal with all aspects of food safety and food hygiene, including enforcement action and notices.

Our fire safety solicitors can advise on fire safety enforcement, prosecutions and compliance with the latest regulations.

Our health and safety solicitors can use their skills and knowledge in this area of the law to advise on all aspects of health and safety at work, including prosecution and improvement notices and cautions.

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