Food Safety Law

As food law specialists, we represent a range of businesses, from sole traders to large corporations, providing advice and guidance in all food-related legal matters including food hygiene standards, food quality and sub-standards and food labelling and packaging.

We understand that failure to comply with the law in this area can have severely detrimental effects on a business, sometimes resulting in enforcement action being taken against them which could incur a fine or negative publicity which could instantly damage the reputation of a business that may have taken years to establish.

Since inspectors have the power to issue enforcement notices, prosecute and, in extreme cases, shut down an establishment if it does not satisfy minimum standards and requirements, it is always recommended that you seek expert legal advice from a food safety law solicitor in the event of any action being taken against you to ensure that you are properly represented and that you have a well-structured defence in place, especially if court proceedings are likely.

Faced with the increase in standards and regulations within the food sector, consulting with legal specialists who understand the industry and the challenges facing food-related businesses is a sensible option.

At Pearson Rowe, our food law solicitors can advise you on any legal proceedings which may be the result of enforcement action, and provide representation at court as well as helping you to manage and limit the potential publicity damage.

Our services include:

  • Advice and guidance on the latest legislation and regulatory requirements for food safety including the food hygiene ratings systems introduced including the National Food Hygiene Rating System and the Star Rating system from the Food Standards Agency
  • Access to in-depth knowledge and experience of the latest food laws
  • Preparing a defence and providing representation at court in the event that any enforcement action is taken

For more information about how our food law services could help you, please contact us.