Safety Law at Work

Occupational health and safety is hugely important to companies these days, with potentially devastating effects if that health and safety is found to have failed in some way.

At Pearson Rowe, our specialist occupational health and safety solicitors represent both managers and employees who may be faced with enforcement action or an investigation as the result of health and safety failing at work.

In many cases, investigations are launched as the result of an accident or injury. When this happens, our solicitors can assist with the initial response, with any internal investigations or by liaising with the enforcement agencies where needed. Because we work independently, we can be present at any staff interviews, ensuring transparency in any investigations.

We can offer advice and guidance on all legal aspects of occupational health and safety and where personal injury claims are related to health and safety issues, we are able to represent potential clients who may be thinking about claiming.

Our services for health and safety at work include:

  • Advice on health and safety regulations
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Enforcement (including prosecutions, prohibition notices, improvement notices and interviews under caution)

For more information about how our work safety law services could help you, please contact us.