Construction Law

Construction is a complex area of law, which means you need expert advice from someone who understands the nature of the problem and can provide you with solutions.

The construction law solicitors at Birmingham-based Pearson Rowe have over 15 years experience in this area, and have acted for a number of major construction companies, as well as public and private sector property owners. Therefore, whether your project is worth tens of thousands of pounds or millions, we can help.

Regardless of the nature of your construction dispute, we will take the time to understand what has happened at an initial, complimentary discussion, then review all the possible actions and talk you through the options available. You can then decide how you would like to proceed.

As taking the matter through the courts may not be your preferred option, we can also advise on:

  • Negotiation: if achievable, settlement early on in the dispute can avoid the need for other procedures. Therefore, we will look to negotiate a settlement for you whenever this is feasible.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: this involves mediation to attempt to agree a solution without the need to refer the dispute through the courts.
  • Arbitration: if a more formal procedure is required, construction arbitration can be considered, as long as both parties agree to it. An independent third party will hear or review on paper all of the evidence and will make a legally binding decision to resolve the matter.

If none of the above methods are suitable, the final choice is to refer the matter to the courts. Frequently this is the most expensive option, but one that is effective if all other methods have failed.

For more information on any of the high quality legal services provided by our construction law solicitors in Birmingham, please contact us.

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