Malpractice and other injuries

Should any professional, such as a vet, farrier, blacksmith or equine dentist, fail in their duty of care towards your horse, resulting in an injury to, or the death of, the animal, you can suffer a substantial financial loss in addition to the emotional one.

In cases of misdiagnosis, failure to administer appropriate treatment, not responding to an emergency in a timely manner or failure to keep up to date with the latest medical developments, the professional can be guilty of a breach of contract and/or professional negligence.

Furthermore, with ragwort causing the deaths and illness of many horses, the Ragwort Control Act promotes the more efficient control of this poisonous weed. It enables the Secretary of State to serve an enforcement notice – obliging the occupier of any piece of land to prevent the spread of ragwort – and assists with the prosecution of those who disregard such requirements.

At Pearson Rowe, we have the expertise and experience of equine law to fight your case for compensation for the losses, both materially and in earnings, which result from an injury to, or the death of, your horse.

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